HP+ All Purpose Cleaner
Unscented SCENT, 32 fl. oz.
Flotek Protekol HP+ All-Purpose Cleaner is powered by fast-acting, high-performance hydrogen peroxide to clean tough dirt and grime on high-touch hard surfaces. Our biodegradable formula unleashes the strength of micro-active bubbles for serious cleaning power, dissolving away dirt, dust, debris and inanimate contaminants, scum, nutrients and organic particulates. Neutralizes odor and removes stains. Naturally bleach-free for safer cleaning.
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1 bottle = up to 30 times the cleaning power of non-concentrated formulas
Ingredients are sourced, formulated,
blended and bottled in the USA.
High-Performance Cleaning
Flotek Protekol All-Purpose Cleaners are ready for anything, any day.
Powered by Hydrogen Peroxide
Fast-acting, high-performance formula great on high-touch, hard surfaces
Industrial-Strength Citrus Powerhouse
Concentrated All-Natural, Industrial-Strength Degreaser & Surface Cleaner