High Performance Hand Sanitizer Gel
Lavender SCENT, 8 fl. oz.
Our fast-drying gels offer a convenient alternative to clean hands when washing with soap and water is not available. This non-sticky formulation is perfect for families and kids, convenient for travel and use in the car, kitchen, purse, workplaces, businesses, schools and public areas whenever you are on-the-go. Flotek partnered with pharmacists to create its high-quality hand sanitizers, made to USP standards of quality and purity - and formulated to meet or exceed the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention-recommended strength and meet the US Food & Drug Administration’s Antiseptic Use guidelines for killing bacteria and germs. Our premium hand sanitizing gel is made with 70% pharmaceutical-grade isopropyl alcohol and includes Aloe & Vitamin E to moisturize skin.
1 bottle = up to 30 times the cleaning power of non-concentrated formulas
Ingredients are sourced, formulated,
blended and bottled in the USA.
High-Performance Cleaning
Flotek Protekol All-Purpose Cleaners are ready for anything, any day.
Powered by Hydrogen Peroxide
Fast-acting, high-performance formula great on high-touch, hard surfaces
Industrial-Strength Citrus Powerhouse
Concentrated All-Natural, Industrial-Strength Degreaser & Surface Cleaner